Artist Statement

I am enamored by all things strange, dark, unusual, and melancholic, as they are imbued with an often overlooked, yet sublime beauty. This is a form of beauty that all too often goes unnoticed and/or unappreciated in today’s society, yet it reflects very real aspects of our own humanity and the world we live in. My work explores such “darker” themes of loss, despair, fear, oppression, religious/spiritual conflict, sensuality, personal identity, and more.

Through my art, I ask each viewer to consider the oddity and absurdity of their own human condition in its various manifestations. I typically work toward this goal by combining dark, sometimes disturbing imagery with a more subtle layer of humor and/or irony.

Whether in the studio or on location, I prefer to visually isolate my subjects as much as possible so that the viewer will not be distracted from the intended narrative. Similarly, I strive to give my photos simple titles that will help steer the viewer in the direction of my original vision. However, I also want the viewer to engage with each photo so that it resonates with them on a personal level.

Most of my photos are planned in advance and reflect imagery derived from my overactive and slightly twisted imagination. However, I also derive immense pleasure when I am able to find and photograph things that are strangely beautiful just as they are.

Having originally been trained in black and white film photography, I try to emulate that same aesthetic even though I now mostly shoot and edit digitally. The power of black and white photography for me is that it allows the “story” of the image to shine through without the visual distraction of other colors. That being said, I do utilize color in my work from time to time if the concept requires it.

I draw much of my inspiration from groundbreaking B&W film photographers of the past century such as Duane Michals, Ralph Gibson, Arnold Newman, Robert Mapplethorpe, William Mortensen, Jerry Uelsmann, and many others. Additionally, there are many contemporary photographic artists that provide me with ongoing inspiration and challenge me to push my own boundaries even further. Lasse Hoile, Russell Joslin, Candi Kalinsky, Anja Rosgen, and Daria Endresen are just a few that I turn to regularly for inspiration. I am also influenced by other visual artists including Zdzilsaw Beksinski, H.R. Giger, Edward Gorey, Rene Magritte, Francis Bacon, and Storm Thorgerson.

I am always looking for new models/subjects to work with. If you are interested in adding to your own portfolio as a model, especially if you are interested in more conceptual or dramatic work, please feel free to contact me.